Hamster Kombat: Daily Combo and Daily Cipher for July 18. Solved!

July 18: Hamster Kombat Daily Cipher and Daily Combo. A Quick Breakdown.

Hamster Kombat: Daily Combo and Daily Cipher
  • Solve a Daily Cipher Morse puzzle to receive 1 million coins for July 18.
  • Complete daily combos for July 18 and earn 5,000,000 hamster coins.

Daily Cipher and Combo Overview for July 18

Daily Cipher Answer: ALPHA

Daily combo cards:

  • 50M Telegram channel (Specials)
  • Web3 academy launch (Specials tab)
  • Top 10 Global Ranking (Specials tab)

Daily Cipher: How to easily Solve a Code and Win 1,000,000

Hamster kombat holds a regular puzzle for hamster tappers. Solve a morse code to win 1m hamster coins. The riddle itself is updated daily, the same for everyone. Here’s how it works:

  1. To Input a Dot (.) - Tap the hamster once.
  2. In order to Input a Dash (-) - Tap and hold, then release.
  3. Note that you should wait at least 1.5 seconds before trying to input the second sequence or a letter, Patience is the key!

Daily Cipher Morse Code Input Guide

July 18, 2024: How to solve Daily Cipher in a few taps:

  • Open the Morse code input screen.
  • Tap once, then tap and hold once for 'A'.
  • Tap once, then tap and hold once, then tap twice for 'L'.
  • Tap once, then tap and hold twice, then tap once for 'P'.
  • Tap four times for 'H'.
  • Tap once, then tap and hold once for 'A'.

Daily Cipher Answer for July 18. 2024 - ALPHA


  1. A = . -
  2. L = . - . .
  3. P = . - - .
  4. H = . . . .
  5. A = . -

Daily Combo: an Opportunity to Win 5 mil Hamster coins

Besides card lvl-ing in the game, developers provided users with another superb opportunity to gain hamster coins. The Daily Combo! It is very straightforward and a quick way to gain some coins, almost for free. All you need to do is to find three specific cards among the rest. Like the morse code, Daily Kombo resets daily (what a surprise).

How to unlock July 18. 2024 Daily Combos

Daily Combo

Follow our guide to unlock Daily Combo cards for July 18, tap these cards:

  1. 50M Telegram channel (Specials)
  2. Web3 academy launch (Specials tab)
  3. Top 10 Global Ranking (Specials tab)

How to Gain even more Hamster Coins

Go to the earn section and follow each step. Among those quests are: watch youtube videos, follow hamster kombat socials, and invite friends.

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